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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ministry of Lands Pushes UCPS To Near Shutdown!

UCPS boss Joseph Albert has alerted all press, that UCPS is facing shut down of its impressive state of the art quarry material, block production site that has delivered construction material, to build Seychelles to what it is today, since 1970.

Lest We Forget

Albert took over UCPS in an era wherein rocks were broke by hand, collected by Seychellois men and women with gunny sacks and bamboo hampers, stacked manually, loaded manually. This is how building works started. After substantial investments and a strategy of modernization in place, targeted to deal with Seychelles tough granite boulders, convert them to dust, stones, blocks, fully automated, UCPS evolved from being a slave like operation, to a full fledged state of art quarry and construction materials service provider. A Seychellois saw a problem, he also saw the opportunities, concluded, " we can do it" and with his team, they did.

Get The Job Done

When SBC showed a Chinese contractor digging with an old machine on the South East island for quarry product, the Seychellois public lost patience with the Ministry of Lands.  This Mickey Mouse operation looked like a office joke. One only ask, what did the Chinese pay under the table for this concession, while UCPS ran out of rocks?  It just does not add up.

Drop Prices
UCPS responded to Ministry of Lands confirming it will drop prices, in spite of an increase in cost to quarry rocks from red dirt. The gesture is applaudable, but likely makes no business sense. Seychelles leaders, need to get back to some reality checks. 

No Quarry No Building 

Reality is upon us. No quarry, no building. UCPS has ask for alternate site for Fifteen years, at Au cap. In reply, Minister of Lands, Mr. Charles Bastienne says environment has yet to express a position on the matter. Fifteen years is a long time to file a report. It exposes also what generally, most Seychellois are coming to understand, the selective prosecution of individuals and companies, using the environmental card as a raison etre to bar projects and development. This strategy is a defeatist strategy, because in the end, we destroy Seychellois " can do initiative", when government should be doing all it can, to push Seychellois to " do everything , they can do".

The Goose and The Gander

The saying goes like this: " what is good for the goose, is good for the gander". This is a famous English saying, made popular in Seychelles, by Mrs. Sarah Rene.

While government has traditionally play the environment card on Seychellois maliciously, it has ignored the environment card when foreigners invested in Seychelles. Case in fact, Savoy Hotel, Raffles oil spill ongoing into a marine park, Lemuria Hotel, where they buried hundreds of Takamaka trees under neath the golf course, Eden Island where dredging of the coast and destruction of that Eco system was justified. The list is really endless. But the point made. The Goose had its time on us.

Today, the Gander ( Seychellois public) has protested, petitioned the death of the Cap Ternay Emirates Hotel Development. Now, most recently, a petition to stop the mega hotel,Marina development on Grand Police was submitted to State House. The Gander is biting back. 

Get Sensible and Serious

Seychelles must get sensible and realistic about the environment. Environmental extremism is a dangerous political tool. It is poison to economic growth, acid to investor confidence, and an accelerator to capital flight, inflation, devaluation, and divestment. It numbs Foreign direct investment ( FDI), freezes salaries, forces the population out of their cars, back into buses and on to bicycles to get to work.

Today, let us send a serious message to government: Seychellois want to live well. We want development., because that guarantees we will live well, if we work hard and fairly. We want Seychellois to be given Priority  AND encouraged Actively, to develop in their own country, for in China, we will all have to start by collecting tea leaves. 

I trust the point is clear.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Vijay Faces SCR. 300 Million Judgment on Savoy Hotel!

VIJAY Construction Limited has lost a monumental arbitration case facing Plaintiff Eastern European Proprietary Limited (EEL) the local investment arm of Savoy Hotel and Gupta Group of companies that include holdings in banking, retail, oil, gas. It is understood, Gupta may have links to the President of the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin, but this could not be confirmed at the time of Judgment .


The Arbitration procedure fell under terms and conditions of the numerous contracts VIJAY awards to build and complete SAVOY Hotel, Beau Vallon, Seychelles, in 2012.

Under the numerous contracts, VIJAY agreed to submit to the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France for arbitration and final resolution for any disputes that may arise in the course of the numerous construction contracts, which represented different phases of construction of Savoy Hotel, Beau Vallon,Mahe, Seychelles. There were SIX contracts in all.


Arbitration Judgment was entered against VIJAY in the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France for the breach of contract, and alleged persistence to commit bribery in the construction process. See below:

46 of Supreme a court Judgment:- " Vijay engages in bribery, clause 15.2(f) provided that if VIJAY engages in bribery,EEL may terminate contract," For Cause".

The key witness to the case was a Mr. Egorov of Russian citizenship, employed by EEL, to oversea the project implementation at Beau Vallon.

Once terminated by EEL, he went back to Russia. In Moscow he was called by Gupta group and ask why did he engage in bribery with VIJAY, he denied this.


Egorov, the Supreme Court  judgment written by Justice Robinson , infers, spent time at VIJAY s Cerf Island Five star hotel, and at one point, rented a house at La Misere, not far from Vijays private residence, to stay close to each other.


In court Vijay Patel said referring to the decision : " it is a decision of Vijay to not pay the award which Vijay considers ' a false award and now we ( Vijay) are restricted from telling the truth. So this is manipulation". However, at each stage of the Paris Arbitration, Vijay had the opportunity to submit briefs and reply to each accusation against the class "A" construction company.


Perhaps VIJAY does not know, refusing to pay a judgment is " Contempt of Court" actionable by a motion to imprison the Defendant..........until such time....he changes his mind. When faced with the judgement, VIJAY should had also abstained from transferring any funds from the company account into any overseas accounts.


Vijay Claim of lack of Due Process, lack of Standing of the Supreme Court were Don Quiotte issues that had no place in the case.

It is quintessential red herring lawyering to make such a claim under a construction contract arbitration dispute.


As the gable dropped, Justice Robinson enforced the Arbitration award, with interest tacked at 8% going back to the date of the breach granted leave to EEL to register its award in Seychelles, judgment was entered, exceeding SCR. 300 Million.


the question the Public want to know is given this judgment,will government of Seychelles revoke VIJAY license for construction, or allow it to operate under a class C Construction or be generous, allow Vijay to operate under a class B license.

What is clear, is VIJAY should not be submitting any tenders for any projects, be it private or public, until the Attorney General studies the prospect of bribery and fraud in this case and others.

Perhaps now, VIJAY can do the gracious thing, remove his name on all the National Heritage site signs Raffles paid for, he took credit for with his name embossed in cement. That was cultural fraud!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Alain St. Ange Legacy and Political Lesson For Seychelles

The UNWTO elections have passed, our exemplary candidate to the World, Alain St. Ange from the tiny island of La Digue population estimate 2016 stood at 3200 people, has been struck out by Big Brother Black Africa because he was too white for them.

Their candidate of choice from Zimbabwe did not win, and just as we said all along, by not supporting St. Ange, Africa would lose a great opportunity, and it did.

The loss for the continent blinded by racism cannot be quantified. Tourism for Africa will remain an enigma industry for years to come, if not generations. The stakes for Africa were so high in this election, that it clouded the minds of the feeble in spirit.

African Union Blind To Ingredients of Success

Clearly the African Union has been blind to the ingredients of success. Those ingredients are what made Alain St. Ange a successful Minister of Tourism, a successful author, and a success after the UNWTO elections, in spite of Africa Unions failure. Here are some lessons in success for you on the Continent waiting for Tourists.

Inclusive Vs. Exclusive

First and foremost, Tourism must have a all inclusive agenda vs. a exclusive agenda for benefiting only a few. St. Ange pressed a dramatic change in Tourism in Seychelles. He advocated an inclusive approach that insured all Seychellois had a role to play and a direct benefit from Tourism. With that,they took ownership of the Industry. His door was always open to musicians, artists, dancers, as well as developers, hoteliers, taxi drivers, ambassadors, priests from all faiths.
In Africa, Tourism remains an exclusive domain benefiting only a few investors, a few high government officials. We see it in the streets everyday.

Offer All Products

Under St. Ange, we saw product quality increase. Seychelles went from " a five star destination with a three star product" to a Five star destination with Five Star, Four Star, Three Star, Two Star, No Star, Six Star products". Product offering swept the spectrum of possible demand and guest wishes. Seychelles became accessible to the world, as a result, the planes inbound increased load factor, became profitable, increased frequency, resulting in heavy competition by airlines. This resulted in competitive fares inbound to the most beautiful islands in the World, the African Union dare suggest should be subject to sanctions .

While our flights inbound dropped in price, in Zimbabwe they were increasing and flights being dropped out right.

Create A Winning Brand " Seychelles is Another World"

St. Ange created a exclusive brand for Seychelles" Another World" , where racism does not exist, inclusivity is the rule, promotion of our culture and heritage as a people is the natural order of the day. This branding was accented with cultural heritage programs, carnivals in the streets, people dancing, singing, enjoying life, and this joie de vivre ( enjoy life to the fullest)  was captured for the world on video, camera, international journalists, at times 125 per event, to show the World the tender and joyful side of humanity, as opposed to the gun laden bullying side, draped in green olive uniforms,we see on continental Africa.

People searching for a holiday want to have fun, this promotional line connected with Europe, Middle East, China, and visitors came from across the globe to see some magic in this paradise. Meanwhile, they chose to avoid the African continent in large numbers.

The Humanity of The Man

Not one person who has known St. Ange will be able to say he man is not down to earth and simple, but tenacious he is, with an energy to move things in the right direction, get things done.

This grouping type of " can do people" are getting fewer and fewer in the our country and the continent. Political leaders in African Union and Seychelles need to smarten up if they want to inherit the success wave of people like St. Ange, surround yourself with " can do people" not " cannot do anything people".

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is still on the horizon for us all......even for the African Union.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois....

Even Abhorrent Judges that Do Not Have Love For  Their Own People!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Seychelles Tourism Ambassador Extraordinaire Rattles African Union!

Alain St. Ange the Seychelles Tourism man extraordinaire has rattled the nerves of the African Union. As the vote for the Secretary General of United Nations Tourism Organization takes place on Friday, the African Union sent a letter to Seychelles, advising it will face Sanctions if St. Ange candidacy is not withdrawn.

African Union Plays The Bully Card
Left with a choice of either abandon the African Union out right, endorse St. Ange, face Sanction from the muddle organization, or play along, the Seychelles government decided to play along, sideline the tourism ambassador extra ordinary, ironically to the detriment of Seychelles and yes, the African Union.

Shoot Your Foot to Stop Your Sneezing African Union

The African Union invoking the low principle of reversed racism has forced the greatest Minister of Tourism ever , Africa could produce and perhaps the World, to be sidelined, to force the tacit support of an incompetent Minister from Zimbabwe whose per tourist expenditure has gone from $1,000.00 per trip of Five days to $ 350.00 per visitor trip of 10 days. The European market has collapsed in Zimbabwe, from plus 14% ten years ago, to -4% today. Zimbabwean Tourism is now based on trans border cross over workers from other African States who also needed St. Ange's Magic touch and advise.

Eat Your Heart Out!

African Union, you may bully our little government, but you will never have what we in Seychelles have......class, lots of it, and we have mastered Tourism, while you spend all your time blaming the white world for all your woes. Even if you ha diamonds and gold, you still need the Chinese to remove it for you. Are you going to blame them for your problems as well. Face up to yourselves Africa, you can be your own worse enemy a times. I can assure you, you have not seen the back of Alain St. Ange yet.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!