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Monday, February 20, 2017

Audit Coco De Mer Production!

This week, the President of the Republic of Seychelles took time off his schedule to visit Fond Ferdinand a reserve that produces between 50- 100 coco de Mers per month, every month and the Vallai De Mai that buys new cars every 3 months. 

These coco de Mer retail for SCR. 5000.00, without the kernel, which sells for $750.00 per kilo. No one knows what happens to the kernel money.
The Nation caught an appropriate photograph of President Danny Faure lifting a 25 kilo coco de Mer, as Mr. Michel Gardette looked on. 

As if the numbers ran through the new presidents mind: $750.00 X 25 kilo = $ 18750.00 per kernel? 
Add 100 kernel extractions X 25 kilo X $750.00 per kilo = $ 1,875,000.00 per month ?

1200 kernel extractions X 25 kilo X $750.00 = $ 22,500,000.00 per year?

Lord, the President must call for a full audit of Fond Ferdinand and Vallai De Mai. We can pay off all our debts if these numbers are market representative. 

Zimbabwe has been destroyed by the evasive corrupt diamond. Surely, the Coco De Mer has not gone the same path to destroy Praslin and Seychelles.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
Co Co De Mer Pou Seselwa!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

President Faure: SONA - " Let's Change The Converstaion"!

President Danny Faure addressed the People of Seychelles in the traditional State of The Nation Address, presented each year by the standing Head of State. Immediately after the Speech, before the National Assembly could reply to the speech, Mr. Faure called the first ever, first ever, open press conference at State House accessible by all media houses, be it state or political or commercial in nature. The entire press corps was allowed to question the President.

Seychelles  had made history, but even more important, her executive branch embraced transparency, accountability, welcome the free press, and Mr. Faure fit unite well in his new shoes.


We have to take this State of The Nation Address (SONA ) in the right political context it rests. Noteworthy, at the turn of the New Year, President Faure went on the SBC , national radio and television, standing in the eloquently manicured gardens of State House, stood before the cameras and proposed June 5 th of each year, will no longer be LIBERATION DAY ( holiday) but instead, will be a REGULAR working day.

This historical declaration immediately severed Faure from the past, and effectively, set the course, for " Changing the Conversation" at a national level. Not everyone has been alert to the historical significance of the declaration. Those who are, have also changed the conversation. Those who are not aware, have dug into a fox hole of extremism and emotional rancor when Faure speaks. We must adjust.

Mancham State Service Full Honors

The sudden passing of First President James Mancham was met by President Faure with his response, " announcing full honors to Former President Mancham" plus a final resting place at State House gardens. This single act buried June 5th, 1977 in the doldrums of history as a final mea culpa . The man deposed on June 5 th, 1977 was returned to the grounds of his presidential office.
Weigh Words With Action
No serious opposition can allow these two historical acts to be taken with a grain of salt. It is incumbent of any serious opposition to respond in kind. The President deserves credit for these deeds two historical moves, both of which are grand steps away from " Doing it my way".......control freak without a imagination or bone of decency for his fellow man. What a bad dream if it all was not true.
Help Faure Clean Up The Mess
I suppose no one ever really loved him, so he took it out on Seychellois for 12 years and enlarged the divide between the Seychellios Nation when he could have ended it. For that he thinks he is a success, after milking CSR tax for himself and charging government ( his own government) rent for his own building, parastatals likely built through Corporate Social Responsibility Tax (CSR).Dreams built in the sand, finish in the sands. LDS should pass a motion asking Michel to donate ESPACE to government of Seychelles for much needed office space. What a national disgrace.
Cadre Must Give 100% If Leaders on Right Track
Today, the time is now, to narrow the divide, foster dialogue,compassion, and work for a better Seychelles. President Faure and Speaker Pillay and LOTO Wavel Ramkalawan are all on the right track, over all. Their party line up needs to kick up the dust with their boots. Cohabitation can lead to a better result for all of Seychellois, so long s it is genuine. This situation has been decided by the people, for good reason.

Faure - Ferrari Walk Corgat Estate

As a prologue to the SONA, President Faure who has dismantle June 5 , 1977, met the invitation of Honorable Jean Francois Ferrari ( who ironically was in the coup of June 5 , 1977 with his father Dr. Maxim Ferrari, now oppose the " liberating " party) to do a walk about to see how bad the situation had become under the 12 years of James Michel. Immediately, a joint task force of executive and legislative member was created to deal a better deal for Corgat Estate and Mont Fleuri.  Hon. Ferrari has positive reports on the joint effort. It would be nice if the whole Nation could work together to solve the numerous hot issues strangling us.

Faure Speaks on Poverty For Material Base

President Faures address focused keenly on the lingering poverty, in Seychelles, the lack of material necessity for our people. While some drive up and down Providence Highway , or make rounds about the clock tower a few times a day between meetings, in luxury BMW's, the reality is for many Seychellois, the LIBERATION has kept them as in- chained as ever their forefathers, were, tied to poverty, with no way out, no way to even know where to get out.

Drugs Alcohol Fills The Void

Chemical dependency in Seychelles is not a new issue. It has been with us for generations. It is just worse after years of neglect. Hard drugs is now the norm, not kalou. We can neglect the issue no more. 

Education Void

Education has so many problems one wonders if any one has been running the country all this time. With so much resources put into education, why has it failed? The issue will not be resolved unless all sides come closer, to deal with the core of the problems, prejudices, bias, that make Seychelles Public education fail.  It will start with one voice for some tough love.

Volcere and Hon. Flory Larue Ask About Stolen Land

In the Press Conference Ralph Volcere for Independent ask what is being done to deal with stolen government land by public officials. The President referred such complaints to the Ombudsman. A nice answer, but not s satisfactory answer,perhaps. President Faure must be brave to address this issue with a comprehensive plan of attack. He will earn the respect of the Opposition and all Seychellois. 

In rebuttal, Hon Flory Larue raised the issue about 40 plots sold to SPPF ruling party. There must be closure on these issues, there can be no turning back. What is wrong is wrong, what is right is right. Without June 5 th 1977 as a Public Holiday, the pendulum on right and wrong has shifted dramatically on these " purchases" of government land from the ruling party.

As the conversation shifts, we must support President Faure. After all his actions have shown great decency at key moments. Now the Opposition must show its decency in this key moments. This is no time to propel extremists to the front line. Keep them in the back kitchen, at least, keep them masked.

Oh Fragile Seychelles!

Little do we realize how fragile Seychelles is until one of us shatters her . What was done 40 years ago, what has been done everyday since, by our leaders, has impacted our people. While many celebrated in a good life, many became poor, many resigned themselves to only bad news, day in and day out. We must do better towards each other. After all, we are all Seychellois!

Good News Brings In A New Fresh Air

Today, we all see some good news coming out from all corners, keep up the good work all sides, keep the respect between each other, so our people will emulate you.

Dialogue will heal our Nation as it has others. Conflicts are resolved in the hearts of men, not with guns of men.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

One Seychelles, One People, One Destiny! Work it Out!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Monopoly in Tourism Killing Praslin!

The situation of Tourism on Praslin is getting out of hand, as monopolistic strong hold of the Two major DMC suffocate the island business community to death. These two Destination Management Companies, have now grip locked the economy of Praslin, holding it at their mercy. Only intervention by the Government of Seychelles can undo this generational disaster at this time.

126 Charters Going Bankrupt

Over 126 excursion - charter operators run out of Praslin island. These operators base out of Côte D'Or or Grand Anse. Boats are being dry docked, after multiple seasons of non usage. Numerous have already gone bankrupt. Debts linger on. On Grand Anse Praslin, 25 boats are up for sale, sporting Yamaha engines 4 stroke. On Côte d'Or, many operators over the years have folded, drugs has infiltrated, killing some operators, a few have turn to trafficking to pay bank loans. The DMC, Mason's and Creole, have turned a blind eye to the social ills, impact on the community, preferring to focus on bigger numbers, efficiency, profit for their own excursion boats. Profit,profit, profit.

The SPPF and Le Pep have remained silent on legislation, silent on course of action, they have listen now to the community for three (3) years.

LDS has been silent, without pushing the anti monopoly agenda. It does not make it to the next 32 pieces of legislation to be tabled in agreement with Le Pep. The residents of Praslin are outraged.

Hotels For Sale

Numerous hotels on Praslin are now for sale. The likely buyers are the DMC or sister companies. Indian Ocean Lodge, was owned by the Adam family. It was swooped up by Mason's . They now have hotels on Mahe and Praslin, Denis Island. 

La Reserve owned by the Pomeroys was swooped up by Joe Albert, the largest monopolist in the Industry. Word is out he is looking at taking Castello and a few other hotels. Combined with Orangine Hotel in La Digue he will soon seal the Four and Five star market, lock in day trip lunches, along with ferry ticketing, and excursions. 

Pundits in Le Pep affected by this are mumbling that President Danny Faure should resign, hand over Le Pep to Ton Joe Albert. Ton Joe was recently named to the Board of Directors of the " James Michel Foundation".

Le Pep Holds World Bank Report 

Le Pep has yet to make public the World Bank Report submitted by Chris Coles, December 5 th, 2016. Vice President Meriton promised in the last meeting before 40 businesses at Lemuria Hotel that in Four weeks, he will be back on Praslin, with the full presentation. Two weeks has passed, Praslinoise are counting the hours.

Protests at Port Imminent!

The business community is now organizing placards, to start to regularly protest this situation, unabated by the government. They do not blame the operators, they blame the government and the opposition for remaining silent on the matter.

If things keep up as they are, we will eventually run placards that say " Joe For President". After all, no matter what side of the political spectrum one may be, their children have to eat. 

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Major Drug Bust in Kenya With Two Seychellois Nationals!