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Monday, March 27, 2017

Breaking News

Seychelles Dropped off Top 10 Island Destination List
Trip advisor has removed Seychelles from top 10 islands of the world.
Making it to the top 10 list is Mauritius, Turks, Jamaica.
The message is as clear, as it is silent: " Seychelles needs to get its internal together".

Friday, March 24, 2017

Seychelles Society Faces Social Degradation!

This week SBC aired back to back programs on Prostitution in Seychelles. The social taboo of discussing prostitution in Seychelles had been cut open like a bleeding wound. Although prostitution in Seychelles has been in practice since the first settlers, arrival, prostitution today is tied intricately to heroin addiction, HIV infection, along with the other social roller coasters it comes with.

Apostles of The Night

Apostles of the Night, a non profit organization, along with statistic and survey expert Ben Vel, has taken the issue head on. While the presentation shocked all viewers, it also brought to light the years on years of neglect, proper governmental attention, to numerous national plights. In discussing prostitution, what have we witnessed? The HIV figures are daunting, heroin addiction has become a national plague, child abuse is unchecked. Physiological assistance for victims of under age sex is lacking. The Apostles of the Night have uncovered a grave social darkness at the heart of Seychellois society.

Prostitution Supply and Demand

Program contributors claim the forces of Supply and Demand are at play in prostitution. 600 confirmed street prostitutes cater to 16000 single men on GOP and an unconfirmed amount of Tourist seeking holiday sex. The figures are alarming, the risk for disease and HIV infection is real, it all evolves around heroin. A vicious circle, which presents us with a problem beyond any one individuals' ability resolve. Where has self worth gone, the dignity and self respect of the prostitutes and Johns. Where is our class as a People? What has happen to our religious beliefs? We have reduced the prostitution issue to an issue of Supply and Demand.
For the Supply Demand logic, there is good news. Behind those offices and desks in Victoria, there are too high class prostitutes we are told. There is ample supply.

We Know The Vulnerable What Will GOS Do?

Now that the national disgrace covered up and ignored by Michel Administration is in the open for us all to see in shock, what will government do about the matter? We now have a Minister of Family Affairs named Jeanne Simeon. Minister Simeon has what it takes to tackle the rough and tough. She has a big problem of social decay social degradation to deal with.

The problem is multi facet and she must act on multiple fronts. 1. What must be done to protect the individual victim from themselves and others? 2. What coordination must be done with national NGOs? 3. What about drug addiction and treatment of the 4000 addicts? Relapse chances are 3:1. So these 4000 addicts will require 12,000 treatment cycles. It is a daunting task for government. Sending them to an island (Coetivy) by air will not be financially feasible.

Work Together To Resolve National ISSUES

When I see Dr. Herminie facing this drug issue alone because he has been a front line political player for PL, dressed down by the LDS, I feel sorry for all those heroin addicts that need his help, but he has been marginalized by LDS to the point that opposition players stay away from helping him and getting involved to face down this addiction problem. If we want to seriously combat heroin, we need to work together and accept that a drug addict could give a rats ass if you are Le Pep or LDS and any other. But they are Seychellois, for that we need to do more then just talk,talk,talk,talk.

The country is too small to remain divided and expect us to succeed at putting Pandora back in her box!

If you think it is a workable formula, let Pandora increase the numbers of prostitutes , addicts, HIV in Seychelles, she will surely, not leave your house door without entering it, for Pandora never accepts no as an answer!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

NDEA Gets New Team Seselwa!

Finally, after years on years of national teeth pulling, the mercenaries from Ireland running the NDEA for years have gone. The half brain Nail Scully, who could fool only James Michel has gone off our satellites . Liam Quinn the mild mannered, soft spoken agent, who will reveal not the final sources of public funds remained mild mannered to the end. 

 Irish A National Disgrace
The Irish were a national disgrace to Seychelles. They represented the core of what was wrong with James Michel administration. Michel brought the Irish in to lord over his own people. They did routine road blocks, as if road blocks will deter drug trafficking. They rough rode the Public. They told us to speak English. It was a disaster for crime and drug trafficking for over a decade. The Irish having no love for our people, or compassion for families, took to arresting, charging, convicting small time possession cases. In no time, before the 2011 elections, they had loaded the prison facilities with 800 men. They achieved an infamous UN statistic of making Seychelles number one for Male incarceration per capita in the World. Arrest them, lock them up, convict them, fill the prisons.

Impress JAM Fill Prisons!
Fill the prisons they did, creating another crisis behind bars for the prison wardens. Drugs were regularly smuggled into the prisons. Drug dealers bought and sold drugs with mobile phones from their cells. Traffickers kicked back, moved money around with easy access to mobile phones and their trafficking business. Only James Michel could not see what the Irish were doing. 

Drug Use Increases
The Irish busted marijuana plantations, the plants usually were so small , it was a a total disgrace. When I looked at these baby marijuana plants they claim to be exhibits, I balance that with their huge budgets, I could only see money  being wasted, our country, our people are losing.

As the Irish put on these shows for Michel, the per capita drug usage for hard drugs soared. Mahe they admitted to 12-15% per capita addiction rate. They excluded Praslin from their fixed statistics because Praslin it must be at 25%. Note: per capita addiction is not far from GOP permits approved.

Irish Fail, Fail, Fail!
If drug usage per capita is an indication of the success and failure of the Irish mercenaries, they were a total failure. The main seizures made such as caritas, and the Iranian Fishing vessel was information provided to them from UAE via satellite monitoring. They in turn  notified the Coast Guard to intercept the vessels and conduct searches. They took the press conference to take the credit, to keep Michel bank rolling their lifestyle.

Faure Makes The Right Move!
President Danny Faure has appointed Krishna La Bonte as head of the NDEA. Guess what? He is better educated then Liam Quinn and Naill Scully put  together. Congratulations to La Bonte for the appointment. The Public should assist him fully, to deal with the matters at hand. The other two appointments are Romano Songore and Ted Barbier. All career professionals who have walked softly and worked professionally throughout their careers. Naill Scully must be biting his nails.....but he will no longer need a google translator to look up the word: " kouyoun" which he heard a lot while in Seychelles, every where he went.
Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

One Country, One Destiny, One People!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

MSR Ambassador at Large Lilly Gill Accepted To Columbia University

"Lillian Gill, niece of Christopher Gill and named MSR Ambassador at Large, has been accepted to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University to complete a Master of Arts in Human Rights Studies. Lillian will graduate from Stanford University (ranked No. 1 university in the world) this June and plans to ultimately attend law school and pursue a career in human rights law. She has consistently maintained above a 4.0 Grade Point Average throughout her university career. A recognition that Seychellois Rasin women can excel when freed of chains."