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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Historical Day In Seychelles!

The Seychelles National Assembly today, was the venue for a auspicious and historical day.
Elected members and proportionately nominated members of the 6 th National Assembly met to be sworn into office officially in a solemn setting attended by the three branches of government, diplomatic corps,press, journalists.

Speaker Herminie Speaks

Dr. Patrick Herminie took time to explain and highlight the progress the National Assembly has made under his tenure as Speaker. While debate was absent from an opposition for years, the Speaker took to digging down and deep in administering the National Assembly efficiently and smoothly. He is credited with a fine job, given the circumstance he operated under without an opposition. Seeing so many LDS in the House,must have made his skin crawl and made him uncomfortable. Similarly with the Le Pep incumbent MNAs. At least they will have ample time to mould their personalities into an era of negotiation, compromise, insight, understanding, empathy, respect for fellow Seychellois. In passing, Speaker Herminie said," let by bygones". On a personal level that may be much easier, the on a national level. While the appeal has been made, the question of " How to proceed as a Nation on this passing point is the white elephant in the corridors of the House".

Pillay Statesman and Man of Reason

Patrick Pillay was nominated Speaker of the National Assembly. In no time,as he spoke, he revealed his sound leadership qualities that qualify him not as a administrative Speaker, but as a national Statesman in the making. As he spoke, Speaker Pillay hovered over the meat and ax grinding politicians. The man just has class and no one on either side can take it away from him.
Had he become Leader of Opposition, he would have been destined to put PL into a coma with politeness.
Instead, Speaker Pillay announced a clear agenda,of genuine national reconciliation, agenda to stamp out corruption,agenda to empower our people,agenda to bring Christianity back into our deliberations and lives.
Speaker Pillay reinforced this,by inviting the two Archbishops of Victoria to say a prayer. This was quoted from bible passages. In turn, the Bishops ask Charles DeCommarmond,Leader of Government Business to read a passage from the Book of Kings, wherein Soloman, young son of David prays for the gift of Wisdom to rule over his people well.

Ramkalawan Leader of Opposition

Wavel Ramkalawan read the passage in Creole. All in all, Speaker Pillay has set the wise ground work,for the People of Seychelles to start a new era, dismantling France Albert Rene procedures in the National Assembly. It is a breathe of fresh air, that even Mr.President will be able to find solace in.

Chart A Course of Dialogue,Peace,Prosperity
The mandate of all MNA s will be to bury hate first and foremost.secondly,impart on a course of genuine national reconciliation and civilized dialogue. Seychelles has matured. Our leaders will have to demonstrate that. Then,we must enhance the Peace and insure prosperity for "All Freedom Loving.......Seychellois!" (Sorry, I had to say that of course")

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Michel Resigns!

James Michel resigns as President of Seychelles.
We will miss you. Hic!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois.........Mission accomplished!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Seychelles Multi Party Election Results Peaks Interest in Land and Houses

The National Assembly election results last week sent the LDS opposition to the jackpot line, securing 15 seats plus 4 proportional seats. PL ruling party scraped by with 10 elected seats, and 4 proportional seats. It could have been much worse for PL, as results showed they scraped by barely in numerous districts.

A Victory For Seychelles
The elections were monitored by international observers. Voters cast their votes openly, and without harassment. Bill boards and posters were generally respected throughout the country, an indication of great maturity, wherein the USA Democrats are ripping apart Trump posters and burning them. Bravo Seychelles, overall, it was a splendid election for all sides, all sides can be proud to have done the right thing.

President Michel Hits Right Note
As the election results were read out and each party had their say, it was President Michel that sealed the envelope for stability and credibility of the Nation, making an announcement that Seychelles has come of age. The former coup plotter and colonel of the one party state,some say he was a jet fighter pilot, though we have never had any F-16 came on the podium and gracefully accepted defeat saying these key words: " The Will of the People is Supreme".

Will of The People Supreme
Indeed Mr. Michel is 100%. It is this acceptance,  that has entrenched Seychelles into the club of true Democracies around the world. For this all Seychelles can be proud, and Mr. Michel has set a resounding example of the way for word.

Impact of Acceptance of Will of The People

Immediately, websites on Seychelles real estate and houses surged. Phones began to ring the next day for people looking for land and houses to buy in Seychelles. Real estate prices and sales had previously gone stale in   long drawn out election over 1 year. After the results, the following Monday, numerous notaries were being given orders to prepare documents for house sales on Mahe and Praslin, now recognized as " The Most Beautiful Island In The World".

The Time To invest in Seychelles is Now!

The writing is sticker along the fine sands of Seychelles: " the time to invest in Seychelles is Now!"
The PL and the LDS will take the right steps to insure the interest of the people is safeguarded, and a culture of dialogue, negotiation is cultivated in the spirit of : " Sesel Pou Seselwa".

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I would like to share my experience that I would describe as " How diplomatic is our President James Michel?"
I was a legitimate Candidate of LDS and was standing for Baie Ste Anne's National Assembly's Election.

r. Loizeau the Baie Ste Anne polling station Presiding Officer. As he left I continued my conversation with the two gentlemen. I simply asked them if they have realized what had just happened. The two International Observers expressed how embarrassed and shocked by the President's Protocol.
I even went further asking them if this kind of attitude would eventually happen in their respective country. The answer was obviously NO and NEVER. That's bad for Seychelles.
So I asked the Observers to stand right there and watch the next episode. I then proceeded inside the Polling Station where Mr. Churchill Gill the Parti Lepep Candidate was standing to observe what happens next.
After that the President concluded his discussion with
Mr. Loizeau, he then walked towards Mr. Gill and gave him a firm hand shake and exchanged few words with him. Then he also greeted the Parti Lepep Polling Agent.
At this very time I was standing right there next to Mr. Gill approximately a meter away. The President ignored me completely for the second time. He then walked away.
Just after that, I walked back to the two International Observers to find out what they had to say in regards to the
President's attitude. I dare not say how they described our President!
I sincerely felt so ashamed for him and foremost for the Seychellois. I want to ensure you all that I never felt humiliated at anyone time during the events. The only thing that according to my " savior faire " I can say that obviously one cannot give back to somebody else what he or she hasn't got!
In other words to my personal understanding. Our President James Michel is only the President for Parti Lepep citizens, lack of Etiquette like-wise and especially when it happens before the International Observers.
For the last days I have been receiving only compliments from my supporters and at the same time few of them expressed how embarrassed they felt for me when the incident happened in their presence. I reassured them that I am humble as always and I am ready to face any kind of obstacles. I am so determined that this kind of " little Petty
issues" will not deviate my vision and the love that I have for my beautiful country Seychelles and my co citizen.
I honestly do not want to be too judgemental but this was extremely wrong.
I wish and hope that this kind of attitude never happens again to our President or any other prospective President in the near future.
The least one can ask is that our President show case that He or She is the President for all Seychellois under on Flag.

Achille Savy