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Friday, August 26, 2016

Seychelles Crosses The Floor!

Politicians in this elections are frustrated over Seychelles crossing the floor, abandoning their parties, sending their leadership packing, with the crabby eyes and Six month pregnant pot bellies. The shake up in traditional parties is daunting today, and getting to the point where it is not controllable for traditional parties.

Why Cross The Floor!

A party member crosses the floor ( abandons his part, sends them packing) when a member comes to the conclusion that his party is NOT the party that can deliver the goods in the National interest.

A party member crosses the floor and does the brave thing and the right thing, for his people, when he sacks his party. It places the world on Notice, that there are deep rooted problems in a party, these problems have not been resolved, cannot be resolved because the leadership is not flexible, un democratic, lost in his own World.

PL People Crossing The Floor

In the political broadcast last night, PL Vice President, approved a broadcast, highlighting that crossing the floor is an irresponsible act. I beg to differ. Crossing the Floor, is an issue that takes great courage, great timing, the decision remains, always, the sovereign right of each individual voter and citizen. It means the citizen is above the politician, he is above a failing non responsive party apparatus, he is above victimization in his own party. As great philosophers from Aristotle to Gandhi will impress, the individual is the foundational stone of every true democracy. Mess with the individual, you will get " Cross The Floor".

This is what we are seeing in PL today. The list is long, but the brave coming forward are the likes of : Patrick Pillay, Simon Decommarmond, William Herminie, Noella Alexander, Jean Frnacois Ferrari. PL sights fault in every occasion in these people. There are fault in all of us, it is our human condition. The better approach, would be not to seek fault, but rather, seek common ground,seek dialogue from a point of mutual respect, to move the country forward.

Senir Plume Party

I have refrained from commenting on the Senir Plume party to allow it time to register its case to the Nation. To date, I am highly disappointed. My advise to all " Freedom Loving Seychellois" who love Seychelles, quest for Democracy, quest for " Sesel Pou Seselwa", is to ignore Senir Plume. Ignore them because they have yet to place a responsible and serious realistic agenda forward for Seychelles. These newly declared politicians have not " Crossed The Floor"- they are " Crawling Under The Table".......Not To Be Trusted!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!- Trust Me!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Praslin Needs Special Focus By Ministry of Tourism

Praslin Island in the Seychelles, was cited with emphasis as being perhaps " The Most Beautiful Island in The World" in a number of publications this year by visiting journalists. Praslin annually is cited as having " The Most Beautiful Beaches in The a World" 1. Anse Lazio, 2. Anse Georgette, and numerous close seconds such as Anse La Blague, Anse La Farine, Côte D'Or. Grand Anse Beach has spectacular size and span, if it was in. Asia , it would house hotels for 3 million visitors per year. Instead, Grand Anse like most of Praslin, is available, free of yourself, all by your self, except for a few crabs, a fee sun worshipers, and the occasional fish nibbling your toes at the shore side.

Praslin Needs Help

In marketing Seychelles, Praslin has been used for many years. Louis Doffay is credited with putting Praslin on the map as a preferred safe, friendly, gentle destination for well heeled Parisian and other French in the 1980's, 1990's and 2000. Daniela Alys added her energy to the market in 2000. In the down turn many small hotels and charters have slipped through the basket of publicity and exposure. In the process,  Praslin has lost presence, in the French Market as larger hotels on Mahe, with bulk budget for marketing dominated the Seychelles Product presence.

Today, Ministry of Tourism needs to put its money and commitment along side it's words. Praslin needs help to relaunch the destination. The island is a one economy island. It has no banking sector, no offshore sector, no fisheries sector, no port sector. Tourism is the only cash earner for the island. Ministry of Tourism and STB need to be sensitive of this and take a more proactive step to include Praslin tourism into the marketing promotions programs beyond knocking only on  SHTA door, since many businesses have lost faith in the leadership of that organization, for it has slept too long on too many issues. Perhaps that will change in the future, we do not know.

August Blues

August is a peak period for Seychelles. This year as usual visitors packed into La Digue. Many side tracked Praslin or were run through as day trippers. The issues as to why the most beautiful island in the world is being side tracked need to be addressed. It must be addressed by the private sector and the government. Issues must be resolved, not just given royal lip service.
Too much talk and too little action will turn us all blue!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Seychelles and Fitch at Odds!

Recently Fitch Ratings Agency, international financial rating house, Hong Kong, issued an updated rating on the Republic of Seychelles. Officially, Fitch downgraded the Seychelles from a " BB " rating to a " BB- ( stable) rating. " BB" DOES NOT mean " very above average" as the Minister of Finance of Seychelles would like us to believe. Pierre Laporte tried to pull this old trick on us after Seychelles achieved a " BB- " in 2007 just after we had defaulted on the the Lehman Brothers bond installment payments.

BB- BUT Stable

Fitch rightly acknowledges Seychelles has made significant progress since 2007. It is this reason that Fitch does not twitch and gives the Government of a Seychelles the marginal benefit of the doubt that it will return to the financial reform tracks after elections. Fitch notes, the largess in the political election season and the financially costly program to increase pensions to over SCR. 5000.00 per month and reduce income tax of those under SCR. 10,000.00 per month, the notorious poverty line. While all these pork barrel policy adjustments were advocated by the opposition, and taken up by the ruling party, Fitch warns the Seychelles and it's partners, that these two moves will cost Seychelles 3% of GDP, hence wiping out any progress by way of GDP.

Seychelles Debt Balloons to $ 900 Million

Fitch sheds light on what Principal Secretary Patrick Payet has remained silent on: our debt.
According to FITCH ( sue them not me) our total public debt, excluding IMF and guarantees exceed $ 900 Million. This is more then when our tiny nation declared bankruptcy in 2007 $(865 Million). Some thing is not going right!

The raison d'être of this financial malaise rests with Fitch comments itself. Fitch says, the total debt includes Treasury Bills and Bonds- hence the rapid build up of Reserves now holding at 4 months, but it is borrowed money, not national profits. A mouth full. Indeed, a message that should call every Seychellois off the football fields of political rallies into a room, with around table to pull this country out of the mess she is sinking into today.

Deficit Floats Annually 17%- 23%

Fitch sites that our budget deficit, traditionally covered by FDI has been moderated by reduction in oil prices. Government fixes a Ad Valorem Tax to fuel of SCR. 8.00 per litre. If a litre cost SCR. 25.00 - tax is SCR. 8.00 per litre. If a litre is SCR. 15.00- tax is SCR. 8.00 fixed. Hence, government has benefit like a fox on the reduction of fuel cost worldwide.

Gross External Debt 110% of GDP

Gross external debt remains high at 110% of GDP. This percentage is high according to Fitch for a " BB" rated country, hence the (-) indication. This serves as a warning. To government to put its fiscal house in order. What does that mean? It means reduce the tax cuts, reduce the pensions after elections, forget about 13 month salary, because.......while it is on the wish list.....Fitch has warned is not FEASIBLE ............if you know what that means.

High Income Country VS. High Poverty

The World Bank classified Seychelles as a " High Income Country" last July. However, in December, 2015, the Geni Index list 39% of our population remains below the poverty level.
Poverty reduction is not accomplished on the football field yelling and screaming or on Facebook calling each other names, with fake profiles. Poverty reduction is a societal challenge. It involves numerous programs, targeting issues that cause poverty; it involves a change of mind set; it involves dealing with the drug issue; it involves dealing with laziness among our people, dealing with their failures in the face of unprecedented opportunity. It means we all need to be more honest about our internal problems, between us for us.

This is no time to play political football with our national failures, when Fitch is the referee, it does not know Parti Le Pep, SPM, SNP, LDS or Martin Aglae. Fitch knows only: " Seychelles".

My message to all politicians- " Wise Up Folks....Wise Up!"

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Thailand Faces Bomb Spree!

Thailand a popular tourist destination for travelers has faced a series of bombings across the country. In total thirteen provinces faced bombings across the Nation. Popular tourist areas like Phuket were bomb. The bombs were placed in flower pots and went off within 24 hours.

Thailand Loses Safety Label

Numerous embassies were sending out travel advisory warnings for citizens NOT to travel to dangerous Thailand at this time, until further Notice.

Safety A Key Factor In Choosing A Destination

Safety is one of three key factors in European travelers choosing a holiday destination. Given Thais are bombing each other, it is very likely that Thailand will now face a downturn in Tourism during the third quarter and Fourth quarter of fiscal year 2016.

Seychelles Is Safe

Seychelles remains the safest destination one can travel to in the World today. We must all work hard, cooperate to insure it remains this way.  Better yet, as one traveler put it: " in Thailand you go for sex, here, I find Seychelles to be very sexy".

Sesel Pou Seselwa!